An Expanded View of Today’s Regulatory Data Environment

Need to know all the essentials about the regulations impacting data management?

A-Team's Regulatory Data Handbook is a great way to see at-a-glance:
  • All the regulations that are impacting data management today
  • A description of each regulation
  • The impact each will have from a data and data management perspective
  • Messages from sponsors with products related to the regulations

Regulations covered in the Regulatory Data Handbook include:

  • Basel II
  • Basel III
  • BCBS 239 (New)
  • CFTC Rules 1.73 and 1.74 (New)
  • Corep (New)
  • CRD IV (New)
  • Dodd-Frank
  • EMIR
  • Fatca
  • Finrep (New)
  • IFRS (New)
  • KYC
  • MAD II (New)
  • MiFID II
  • MiFIR
  • SEC Form PF (New)
  • SEC Reg SCI (New)
  • SEC Rule 15c3-5 (New)
  • Solvency II 44 (New)

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