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Webinar: A harmonised approach to data management for regulatory reporting and record keeping *NEW*

September 12th 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

Financial institutions acknowledge the need to harmonise their approach to data management for regulatory reporting and recognise the resulting benefits of increased efficiency, reduced costs and readiness for future regulation – but while the concept may be clear, the practicalities of implementing a harmonised approach can be challenging.

The webinar will detail a step-by-step approach to harmonising data management for regulatory reporting, identify commonalities across regulations, outline quick wins and discuss the potential extent and benefits of harmonisation.

Webinar: MiFID II: Is the market truly ready? Will compliance be achieved? *NEW*

September 13th 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

This market facing webinar aims to share insight and best practices so you can be more successful in Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) compliance. To support this, the webinar will provide access to the latest results of a global MiFID II survey including over one thousand market and reference data practitioners and other professionals.

Webinar: MiFID II soft-dollar provisions - how will unbundling affect payment for investment research? *NEW*

September 21st 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

While the US market continues to allow soft-dollar arrangements between broker-dealers and their asset management clients to pay for investment research, among other services, European MiFID II regulation has stricter rules about the practice. The EU directive, taking effect in 2018, requires investment research to be paid for by fund managers, albeit recoverable by raising fees, or from a client account designated for research costs. This means that managers can no longer bundle together research charges with other charges or apply commission sharing arrangements to cover research charges.

Webinar: Systematic internalisation regime under MiFID II - what's involved? what qualifies? *NEW*

September 26th 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

MiFID II expands the instruments that systematic internalisers (SIs) may handle and changes the pre-trade transparency requirements for trading bonds and derivatives through SIs. While SIs are technically counterparties, not trading venues, they will be allowed to process depositary receipts, certificates and exchange-traded funds, as well as bonds, derivatives, emissions allowances and structured finance products. Yet, under MiFID II’s related MiFIR provisions, SIs must make firm public quotes and disclose identification thresholds. The public quote provision, however, only applies to instruments that meet a liquidity threshold set by national authorities.

Webinar: Pre- & post-trade transparency: quote & trading reporting under MiFID II *NEW*

September 28th 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

MiFID II sets transparency requirements for pre- and post-trade disclosure of order details, along with transaction reporting that identifies reference and post-trade data. The directive’s related MiFIR regulation extends pre-transparency rules to apply to depository receipts, exchange-traded funds, certificates trading on a venue, bonds and structured products trading on a regulated market, and emission allowances and derivatives. The directive and regulation extend pre-trade transparency obligations to organized trading facilities, regulated markets and multi-lateral trading facilities; the rules also extend post-trade obligations to make price, volume and time of transactions available to all trading venues. As a result of the rules, traders will have to report transactions to the proper authorities by the end of the next working day.

Event: RegTech Summit for Capital Markets - London

October 5th 2017

Join us at the RegTech Summit for Capital Markets at The Guoman Tower Hotel, London on the 5th October 2017 for a review of where we are today, where we are going in the next few years and the tools and technology we need to achieve regulatory obligations.

Hear from the the leading industry experts including Sophia Bantanidis, Transaction Banking, EMEA Head of Regulatory & Market Strategy, Citi, Christian Krohn, Head of Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, Europe, Standard Chartered Bank, Gaurav Bansal, MiFID II Programme Manager, TilneyBestInvest Group, Beate Born, Global MiFID II Project lead, UBS, Matthew Luff, MiFID II Consultant, Henderson Global Investors, Kevin Taylor, Managing Director, Group Head of CIB Compliance Strategic Advisory, UniCredit, Clare Rowley, Head of Business Operations, Global Legal Entity Identity Foundation, GLEIF, Diana Paredes, CEO & Co-Founder, Suade, Tom Dalglish, Head of Technical Services - Applied Innovation, HSBC, Chiara Rustici, Independent GDPR Analyst, John Stuart-Clarke, UK GDPR Product Owner, Aviva, Selwyn Blair-Ford, Financial Regulatory Specialist and more!

Webinar: Managing data, research and trading challenges in the countdown to MiFID II *NEW*

October 10th 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

MiFID II is a far-reaching regulatory directive, years in the works, but now just a few short months from taking effect on January 3. The European Union regulation will have global impact, in areas including unbundling payments for asset management research, allowing systematic internalizers latitude to handle more types of instruments, data management methods and the definition of best execution of trades. In addition, MiFID II tightens the transparency requirements for order detail disclosure and transaction reporting.

Webinar: New data, old data, no data: How do you solve the data problems of MiFID II and FRTB? *NEW*

October 31st 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) is kick starting the generation of a broad range of new content sets that will power not only MiFID II, but also FRTB. The webinar will discuss emerging data sources and datasets, their potential benefits, and how they will be consumed.

Event: RegTech Summit for Capital Markets - New York City

November 16th 2017

Join us at the RegTech Summit for Capital Markets at The Convene - Financial District, New York City on the 16th November 2017 for a review of where we are today, where we are going in the next few years and the tools and technology we need to achieve regulatory obligations.

With the A-Team groups deep industry knowledge we have structured our agenda to include a comprehensive mix of guest keynote addresses, interactive panel discussions and lively debates so that you can learn about innovative approaches to regulatory change.

Webinar: To be MiFID II or not to be? Approaches for 2018 and who is ready? *NEW*

November 30th 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

A candid review of the state of the market, which countries will transpose Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) on time and who will be ready to meet the compliance deadline of 3 January 2018? The webinar will provide valuable insights into how customers are addressing the challenges of MiFID II and what more needs to be done to get firms over the finishing line.

Webinar: Best practices for post-trade automation *NEW*

December 7th 2017
3 PM - 4 PM BST / 10 AM - 11 AM ET

Improving post-trade automation — or at least speeding up the process — has been a long-running crusade for the industry, with talk about straight-through processing and reducing settlement cycles going back at least two decades to date. Some post-trade utilities have come and gone — what are the strengths and weaknesses of the current players? Is there room for innovation, as in the form of distributed ledger technology or other methods? Some may argue that settling trades fully and correctly requires a day or two, and cannot be done instantaneously. This webinar will explore these questions and consider how firms should approach post-trade automation given all the factors involved.

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