When firms pursue higher performance in the electronic trading execution technology they use, they must consider the exchange and trading venue landscape as the context for their approach. Their approach can be accomplished in-house or with support from providers, which can be a challenging choice. This webinar will explore the factors firms consider, and also how data and real-time updates figure into the landscape for trade execution.

  • How do the benefits of outsourcing trading services compare to the advantages made possible by proprietary trading techniques that reside in-house?
  • For electronic trading services, are major exchanges seeing more competition from smaller and more nimble innovative competitors? Are such newer start-ups also competing with older start-ups that have matured and grown, and how?
  • How is Reg AT (in the US) and other regulation affecting how high-performance trading execution technology can be used?
  • How is the proliferation of market data increasing the complexity of electronic trading? Is this making construction of trading infrastructures more challenging?
  • Is the industry finding and deploying smart and adaptive technology to handle electronic execution in real-time? Are real-time updates of data key to supporting such technology?
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