Data Management Review

With so much talk about ‘cool’ technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain (and its natural extension distributed ledger technology), how much of it is real and applicable to data management?

Is it delivering – or is it likely to deliver – on the promise of greater automation, efficiencies and quality at reduced risk and cost? What business insight can be gleaned from its implementation? What added value can be gathered to help exploit new opportunities?

Which technologies should your organisation be using to improve data management and what benefits can you expect to gain?

This webinar will explore:

  • How technologies like AI, blockchain or distributed ledger technology, and machine learning could help in data management
  • What are the business use cases and where to draw the line between investment and returns
  • Innovative solutions to consider for your organisation
  • How to integrate and optimise new technologies
  • The benefits and limitations of using innovative technology
  • How to secure internal backing and deliver return on investment


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