Data Management Review

The January 1, 2022 compliance deadline for Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) regulation may be three years out, but if your organisation is within scope of the rules, the time to address their data management challenges is now.

Will your organisation be able to source the necessary data for non-modellable risk factors (NMRFs) that allow use of the internal model approach (IMA) to calculate capital requirements for market risk in line with FRTB, or will it have to fall back on the standard approach?

What are the data management solutions to the data sourcing and data quality challenges of FRTB, and how will the regulation effect your product portfolio and trading desks?

Join the webinar to find out more detail about:

  • How to approach an FRTB compliance programme
  • Data management challenges of the internal model approach
  • How to source required data and ensure data quality
  • What your organisation should be doing now on FRTB
  • The benefits of compliance and penalties of non-compliance


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