The incredible breadth of coverage of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) always meant there were going to be workarounds. Now that the implementation deadline of January 3, 2018 has passed, how did the marketplace fare in its attempts to comply, where was it successful, and which areas still need work?

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  • What happened on January 3, 2018
  • Compliance levels of trading organisations
  • What has been going well since Day 1
  • Which requirements need more work
  • How best to replace workarounds



Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor,
A-Team Group


Rachel Przybylski, Head of Market Structure, Saxo Capital Markets UK Limited

Ben Newton 100x100

Ben Newton, Associate Partner, Citihub Consulting and MiFID II clock sync lead at a Tier 1 bank

Thomas Kennedy-100x100

Thomas Kennedy, Head of Analytic Services, Thomson Reuters

More About Our Speakers:

Rachel Przybylski
Head of Market Structure
Saxo Capital Markets UK Limited

Head of Market Structure for Saxo Capital Markets UK Limited. A market regulation and market microstructure change specialist. Responsible for communicating the commercial impact cross asset class, assisting management and internal trading teams to position the business in light of the future regulatory landscape.

Thomas Kennedy
Head of Analytic Services
Thomson Reuters

Thomas Kennedy is an accomplished and high performing business executive with deep expertise in the application of analytics, cloud services and emerging technologies and a passion for big data. He joined Thomson Reuters in 2010, playing a critical part in the development of the Analytics and Platform business. Prior to that, Thomas worked at KX Systems and at Pie Screening Ltd where as the CTO, he was key in the development of the firm’s real-time supply chain platform. Thomas holds a Master of Science degree in Financial Services from the University of Limerick.


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